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Senior Pastor, Rev. Tony Rogers-Sirten


Pastor Tony, or as most people call him "Pastor Da", was raised in rural Alabama in a very devout Church of Christ family.  His father was an Elder of the church and led song worship for many years.  He taught his three children how to sing harmony, instilling in him a great love for music.  Pastor Tony as said that One of his greatest memories of his father will always be of 'him leading singing in my church the Sunday before he passed away.  His mother is a true southern woman who extends her hospitality to everyone she meets.

Pastor Tony married at a yound age and had a beautiful son, Tom.  His marriage was destined to fail as he had entered into in in denial of his true self.  He divorced and later gained custody of his son.  In 1993, he met Ronnie and they married in 1994.  Together they raised Tom.  Tom is now a grown man, married to his wife, Danielle.  Together they have given Pastor Tony and Pastor Ronnie three beautiful, and thoroughly spoiled, grandchildren, Lexi, TomTom, and Anthony. 

Pastor Tony is also a retired nurse.  He enjoys caring for people and spent much of his nursing career in nursing homes.  He also worked as a crisis care nurse with hospice, which allowed him to care for individuals in their final days.  

In 2000, Pastor Tony received the Distinguished Professional Leaders Award from the Tennessee Health Care Association.  In 2008, He was nominated for and received the Edwina Hefner Community Leadership Award.  The Nashville Symphony's Edwina Hefner Community Leadership Award is named for Mrs. Edwina Hefner for an outstanding Nashville civic leader who strongly advocates the celebration for all cultures and forms of expression and recognizes individuals helping to make the world a better place through their leadership efforts and volunteerism.  A year later, in 2009, Pastor Tony received The Community Leader award from Donelson Place Rehabilitation Center. 

Pastor Tony's journey in faith began in the Church of Christ but grew as he did.  He later attended some African-American churches because he was drawn to the music programs but moved on when it became apparent that he was not accepted, not because of his color but because of who he was.  He then began attending MCC (Metropolitan Community Churches).  It was during this time that he finally answered and accepted God's call to enter the ministry.  On December 12th, 1996, He founded The Church of The Living Water with Ronnie and six other individuasl.  He was ordained in January of 1997 by Rev. Joe O'Cain and has been the pastor since the church's inception.  

"When I come to the church . . . I always feel as though I am coming home.", says Pastor Tony.  He continues, "Everyone here is part of a loving family.  We work together to reach our goals and we love and support one another through the thick and the thin times.  Our fellowship is a truly family."  

Co-Pastor, Rev. Ronnie Rogers-Sirten


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Assistant Pastor, Rev. Mike Myrick


After funning from Gods call for 40 plus year, Pastor Mike answered and was ordained on April 17, 2004, by Rev. Tony Sirten at The Church of The Living Water.  He has been an active member of CLW since 1998.  His duties include Sunday worship services, and performing various ceremonies and doing hospital visitations.  Pastor Mike also makes sure that meals are ready after worship service on Putluck Sunday's.  

Pastor Mike is married to Deacon Steve McKinney.  They have two son's and countless grandchildren.  

Deacon Steve McKinney


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Deacon Christina Brooks-McCall


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Deacon BJ Maynard


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